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My current technical projects involve building microphones, and associated gadgetry, in order to get some interesting, and good quality, sound recordings.

I used the binaural microphones shown here to record String Cheese Incident at The Zodiac in Oxford on April 3rd 2004. The recording is legally available for download at

The actual microphone capsules are a mere 6mm in diameter, yet the sound quality is stunning. The battery box supplies 9 volts power to the microphones and interfaces them to my recorder. They are very tolerant of high acoustic levels, which is why they are so good for recording live gigs.

If you are interested in discussing microphone building and associated technology, I can suggest the micbuilders discussion group. Some of my friends there have built some wonderful kit.

Dave has useful circuits and construction details on his site.

Scott builds beautiful microphones - see pictures on his site.

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