A selection of sound recordings made using my home made binaural microphones described on the tech page. Listen on headphones for the best effect.

At the New Forest Show in July 2004, I recorded these old agricultural engines, one of which makes occasional pops and bangs.  (MZ-N1 Minidisc, analogue transfer)

Waiting on the quayside at St Malo for our delayed return ferry to Poole in September 2005, I heard this haunting ringing sound carrying across the vehicle park (I am fairly certain it came from a buoy in the river).  This is a nice piece, with the water lapping at the foot of the harbour wall, the seagulls calling, and no wind noise because I managed to shelter behind a little portable building by the vehicle loading ramp.  (MZ-N1 Minidisc, analogue transfer)

On board the Condor Vitesse, departing from a short stop in Guernsey. The captain announces our departure, the engines are started, a safety announcement is played, and the vessel accelerates out of the harbour to its 36 knots cruising speed on a somewhat windy evening.  This has a lot of low frequency wind rumble, so beware if you use a sub-woofer.  (MZ-N1 Minidisc, analogue transfer)

The original binaural microphones use Panasonic WM61A capsules, and sound very clean but have a fair degree of self noise.  I recently built some using Transsound TSB-52B capsules - they have somewhat less self noise than the Panasonics, but I'm not too sure about the overall sound.  Here's a montage of sounds recorded at a European market held in a local country town in March 2006.  (MZ-NH700 Hi-MD, digital transfer)

Back to the Panasonic WM61A capsules for a spectacular storm that hit our area on the night of 27/07/2006.  There was almost continual rumbling and amazing cloud lightning as well as traditional ground strikes.  There's definitely a LOT of low frequency stuff in here, so watch out for your speakers or headphones - I find it better on phones!  (MZ-NH700 Hi-MD, digital transfer)

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